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The best home insurance companies in Canada for customer service aren’t the most expensive providers, nor are they the most popular.

Ratehub.ca compared the 2019 Canada Home Insurance Satisfaction Study, conducted by J.D. Power, with the premiums they would charge a specific homeowner.

While the price of home insurance is determined by an array of factors including your home’s age, building materials and location, some insurers are flat out offering more for less.

Banks and membership associations (BCAA or The Co-operators, etc.) offered competitive prices for well-performing customer satisfaction scores, while Canada’s biggest home insurer, Intact, had among the highest prices and lowest customer service ratings among the study’s top performers.

Saving on home insurance starts when you’re looking to buy your home. While some factors such as a security system or flood prevention tools like a sump pump or backflow preventer can bring down your premium, some homes are just expensive to insure. For instance, you can’t change the age of your foundation, how far it is from a fire hydrant or how big it is and those factors may drive up insurance premiums.

Home Insurance

Which company is best for home insurance in Canada?

To compare the best home insurance companies in Canada for customer service, we’ll need a control to measure all the insurers against.

For this example, let’s use Mary.

Mary is 35-years-old and buying her first home, a new townhouse in a medium-sized city that she purchased for $350,000. The newly built home has a gas furnace, vinyl siding, a security system monitored by ADT, and is a stone’s throw from a fire hydrant.

This is Mary’s first home insurance policy.

Even with Mary’s favourable conditions, she’ll still be offered a wide range of home insurance premiums by some of the nation’s most recognizable providers. While Mary has a new home built using state of the art materials, she is still located in an urban area with a higher chance of theft and vandalism. Though, a monitored security system and living close to a fire hydrant will help reduce her pricing.

Here’s how the pricing breaks down after she compares the data.

Best home insurance companies in Ontario and Atlantic Canada

Insurance Company
Customer Satisfaction Rating (Out of 1000)

Monthly Quote
The Co-operators791$72
The Personal762$121
Economical Insurance761$178
Johnson Insurance756$53
Intact Insurance753$163

The best performing home insurer for customer service in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, The Co-operators, is also the third-least expensive.

Though that may sound like a tantalizing offer, Mary might weigh her options when looking at Allstate’s incredibly affordable price, compared with the fact they’re the third-best performer in customer service.

Conversely, Economical and Intact offer the highest prices for home insurance in Ontario and Atlantic Canada without competing at the top of the table on price.

Best home insurance companies in BC (and Western Canada)

Insurance CompanyCustomer Satisfaction Rating (Out of 1000)Monthly Quote
The Co-operators779$137
TD Insurance749$64
SGI Canada742$104
Intact Insurance736$239

It certainly gets pricier west of Ontario due to the extreme weather events and weaker competition among insurers, but there are still some deals to be had for Mary.

BCAA earned the highest score of any insurer in Western Canada, Ontario or the Maritimes, though they only serve residents of British Columbia.

While The Co-operators offer Mary a competitive deal in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, their policy in the West is much more expensive.

TD Insurance manages to offer the least expensive policy while still holding the third-highest customer service rating, making it the obvious best deal for Mary.