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Online Tax Software

Jordann Brown, the founder of the popular Canadian personal finance blog My Alternate Life, is a millennial money expert. In addition to her freelance writing and blogging, she spends her time renovating her 83-year-old house in Halifax, Nova Scotia for online tax software.

Online Tax Software

Making Tax Season Easier: My Experience with Canada Software and Expert Review

I’ve always been a loyal user of tax software when it comes to filing my taxes online. However, this year I had the opportunity to try out Canada software and have my return reviewed by an expert, and I was eager to give it a shot. Here’s a rundown of my experience:

  1. Quick Facts:

  • You can choose to file your taxes online or in-person.
  • The software offers different pricing tiers to accommodate different needs.
  • It supports small businesses.
  • There’s an optional feature to have an expert review your return.

In-Person or Online:

I opted for the online filing option since I have a busy schedule with full-time work and freelance commitments. The online interface was user-friendly and guided me through a series of preliminary questions to determine the complexity of my return. It also provided different filing options, and I chose the assistance option as I needed to file jointly with my husband and report business income as a sole proprietor. I appreciated the ability to go back and correct any mistakes at any point in the process.

Importing Data from Canada Revenue Agency:

The software allows you to import data from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), including important information like RRSP contribution limits, participation in the Home Buyers’ Plan, and T4’s and T5’s. It’s essential to double-check this imported information for accuracy and add any missing details manually, if necessary.

Preparing Taxes as a Freelance Writer:

As a sole proprietor earning income as a freelance writer, my tax situation can be a bit complex. I need to declare my business income and claim expenses. Thankfully, the software made this process straightforward. The categories aligned correctly, and calculating the Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) was easy. Whenever I encountered unfamiliar terms, I quickly found answers through Google or the Online Help Centre.

Online Tax Software

Expert Review:

To ensure I didn’t miss any deductions and that my taxes were filed correctly, I opted for the Expert Review service. It was my first time having a professional look at my taxes. Booking the appointment was simple, and Cathy, the expert, called me to go through my return together. This process provided me with the confidence that I didn’t overlook any potential savings, and my taxes were accurately filed.


In summary,

Using Canada software and taking advantage of the Expert Review feature made the tax-filing process much easier and gave me peace of mind. Whether you prefer online filing or in-person assistance, the software’s user-friendly interface and the option to have an expert review your return can greatly simplify the process and help maximize your deductions.