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Navigating EHT

The Employer Health Tax (EHT) is a payroll tax levied by the province of Ontario, Canada, on employers who have a payroll above a certain threshold. This tax plays a crucial role in funding Ontario’s health care system. Let’s explore the nuances of navigating EHT, its impact on businesses, and how employers can navigate its requirements.

Navigating EHT

Navigating EHT Obligations: Understanding Payroll Thresholds in Ontario

In the realm of Employer Health Tax (EHT) in Ontario, the implications for businesses extend beyond remunerating employees. As part of the province’s commitment to funding its healthcare system, employers with a comprehensive understanding of EHT regulations can make informed financial decisions. Central to this understanding is the recognition that employers whose total annual Ontario payroll surpasses the EHT exemption threshold bear the responsibility of EHT payment.

EHT is calculated based on the total remuneration (wages, salaries, bonuses, etc.) paid to employees in a specific year. Employers with a total annual Ontario payroll that exceeds the EHT exemption threshold are required to pay EHT. The threshold amount can change annually, so businesses must stay updated on the latest information.


Businesses with multiple associated employers might need to aggregate their payrolls to determine if they exceed the threshold.

This prevents employers from artificially segmenting their payrolls to avoid EHT liability.

However, there are exemptions available for specific types of employers. For instance, private-sector employers with payrolls below the exemption threshold are not required to pay EHT. Charities, qualifying non-profit organizations, and public sector employers also have certain exemptions or reduced EHT rates.

It’s important for businesses to accurately calculate their EHT liability, remit the tax by the due dates, and file necessary returns. Failure to meet these obligations can result in penalties and interest charges.

Navigating EHT

In conclusion,

EHT is a significant source of revenue for funding Ontario’s health care system. Businesses operating in Ontario must understand their EHT obligations, exemptions, and reporting requirements to ensure compliance with the law.