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Apps for Scaling Companies

As businesses evolve and grow, so does their reliance on software and apps to manage various aspects of their operations. A well-chosen tech stack can significantly enhance efficiency in workflow, communications, reporting, customer service, and personnel management. We’ve extensively tested and used a variety of tools, and we’re excited to share some of our favorite apps that have proven to be indispensable for a scaling company. Whether you’re seeking project management solutions, robust reporting tools, efficient communication platforms, or HR management systems, we’ve got you covered with these essential apps for scaling companies.

Apps for Scaling Companies

1. Workflow and Planning:

  • Asana: A powerful project management tool that offers a visually appealing interface and robust features to manage projects efficiently. Check out the ‘timeline’ feature for effective project planning.
  • Salesforce: A tried and tested CRM system that helps businesses manage various facets, from sales and marketing to customer service and reporting. Explore the ‘appexchange’ portal for thousands of pre-built solutions to enhance your Salesforce experience.
  • Zapier: A game-changer for automation, connecting over 1,500 cloud-based applications to streamline workflows and save time. Enjoy features like replaying zaps and organizing flows with ‘Paths.’


2. Reporting and Metrics:

  • Online Accounting Software: Xero or Quickbooks Online paired with integrated apps like Receipt Bank, Hubdoc, Expensify, Float, Fathom/Spotlight Reporting, and Practice Ignition for comprehensive reporting, cash flow forecasting, and engagement management.
  • Baremetrics or ChartMogul: Ideal for SaaS companies, providing granular details on metrics such as MRR, growth rate, churn, and more.
  • Power BI: A live dashboard tool connecting to various data sources, delivering real-time analytics for enhanced advisory and decision-making.


3. Communication:

  • Zoom: A reliable video chat tool for seamless communication, especially for remote teams.
  • Slack: An instant messaging tool with organized channels and useful features like file uploads and built-in video/voice chat.
  • Calendly: Simplifies meeting scheduling by connecting with mainstream calendars, reducing back-and-forth emails.

Apps for Scaling Companies

4. Customer Service:

  • Zendesk: An essential tool for customer support, offering efficient management of customer inquiries and feedback.
  • Forms (Google Forms, Jotform, Formstack): Streamline data collection with user-friendly online intake forms.
  • Typeform: Known for its beautiful UI, providing a unique user experience for data collection.


5. Personnel Management:

  • BambooHR: Ideal for growing companies to track personnel information, vacations, holidays, and leaves.
  • Humi: An all-in-one HR platform with standout features like performance management and surveys.
  • 7Geese: Specializes in performance and feedback tools, fostering engagement and employee development.


6. Security and Compliance:

  • 1Password: A must-have password manager for secure access to a growing tech stack and team.
  • E-signature Apps (DocuSign, PandaDoc, Dropbox Sign, RightSignature, Adobe Sign): Streamline document signing processes for contracts, compliance filings, and more.
  • Spanning Backup: Ensure integral apps are securely backed up, offering peace of mind against cybersecurity threats.


7. Other Essential Apps:

  • Audible: Listen to audiobooks and podcasts for continuous learning and business growth.
  • Collection of Funds (Stripe, Rotessa): Streamline payment collection through credit cards or direct debit.
  • Payment of Funds (Transferwise, Plooto, Veem): Efficiently make payments using integrated apps to Xero.



An efficient tech stack is essential for a growing company to streamline operations and enhance productivity. Our curated list of essential apps covers project management, reporting, communication, customer service, personnel management, security, and compliance. As you research and experiment, remember to find apps that best suit your company’s specific needs, ensuring smoother scalability and continued success. Happy app hunting!